Ordin - 2013 - Hardwick

SECTION 4. The Township Clerk is hereby directed to give notice at least ten days prior to hearing on the adoption of this Ordinance to the County Planning Board and to all other persons entitled thereto pursuant to N.J.S. 40:55D-15. Upon the adoption of this Ordinance after public hearing hereon, the Township Clerk is further directed to publish notice of the passage thereof and to file a copy of the Ordinance as finally adopted with the Warren County Planning Board as required by N.J.S. 40:55D-16. The Clerk shall also forthwith transmit a copy of this Ordinance after final passage to the Township Tax Assessor as required by N.J.S. 40:49-2.1. Notice pursuant to N.J.S. 40:55D-62.1 is not required. NOTICE NOTICE is hereby given that the foregoing Ordinance was introduced on first reading at a regular meeting of the Township Committee of the Township of Hardwick held on August 7, 2013 and ordered published in accordance with the law. Said Ordinance will be considered for final reading and adoption at a regular meeting of the Township Committee to be held on September 7, 2013 at 7:00 p.m. or as soon there after as the Township Committee may hear this Ordinance at the Municipal Building, 40 Spring Valley Road, Hardwick, New Jersey, at which time all persons interested may appear for or against the adoption of said Ordinance.

Judith Fisher, R.M.C., Township Clerk Township of Hardwick


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