Minutes - 2018 - Milford


DATE: January 2, 2018

CALL TO ORDER The Regular Meeting of the Milford Borough Common Council was held in the Milford Fire Company Building on January 2, 2018. The meeting was called to order by Mayor Henry Schepens at 7:15PM.

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE was led by Mayor Henry Schepens. SUNSHINE PROCLAMATION was read by Mayor Henry Schepens.

As required by the Open Public Meetings Act of 1975, adequate notice of this meeting was provided on December 15, 2017 in the Hunterdon County Democrat and Express Times newspapers. Notices were also posted on the bulletin boards both inside and outside the Municipal Building and at the Milford Public Library. ROLL CALL Present: Henry Schepens, Mayor Robert Castagna, Russell Heller, Noralie LaFevre, George Sniffin, Robert White, Elisa Yager The records reflect the presence of: Todd Bolig, Attorney UNFINISHED BUSINESS Councilman Sniffin updated Council on the progress of replacing well #1. The Water Department is still waiting for approval from the NJDEP. Apparently, the NJDEP Engineering Department needs more time to review the application. Robert Martucci, Borough Engineer wrote to the NJDEP inquiring on what information they need from the Borough in order to approve our application. At the present time the Borough cannot supply water to the fire hydrants. NEW BUSINESS 2018 Animal Control Services – St. Hubert’s Welfare Center Members of Council had a brief discussion on the matter and the Borough Clerk will contact St. Hubert’s inquiring if they could reduce the cost of $3,567.00 per year. LEGAL AFFAIRS REPORT – TODD BOLIG, ESQ. No report tonight. SAFETY/ADMINISTRATION – MAYOR SCHEPENS • Mayor Schepens stated he spoke to Tara Shephard, HART regarding purchasing more speed signs and the cost of the speed signs.

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