Minutes - 2010 - Hardwick

Page 6 December 22, 2010

Public Participation Mr. Perry moved to open this portion of the meeting to the public, second by Mr. Carrazzone. Motion carried Mr. Dave Peck inquired why Blairstown Fire Company was not invited to this meeting to give their report. Mayor Duffy noted that Knowlton Fire comes to the Year End meeting and has been doing so for the last few years. They give the Committee an ad hoc presentation. Both Blairstown and Stillwater come to the budget meeting to present their year end report. Mrs. Dunn thanked Mr. Perry for letting the Green Team and Committee know that they received the final check of $12,500 from the Wal-Mart Grant. Mr. Walter Ribitzki thanked the Committee for not going with the Department of Community Affairs. He supports their decision. In the same note, Mr. Jim McKim also supported the Committee’s decision on this. Mr. Perry moved to close this portion of the meeting to the public, second by Mr. Carrazzone. Motion carried. Mrs. Fisher reminded the Committee that the Reorganization date is January 5 th at 4PM and

that their packets are ready and in their mailboxes for this meeting. Committee wished everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Seeing there was no other business to conduct; Mr. Perry moved to adjourn tonight’s meeting at 5:17p.m., second by Mr. Carrazzone. Motion carried and a voice vote was unanimous.

Respectfully submitted,

Judith M. Fisher, RMC Township Clerk

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