Mayor's Messages - - COVID-19


The number of total positive COVID-19 cases in the County has now surpassed 6000, currently standing at 6137. Overall, the number of weekly new cases continues to trend downward with 166 new cases this week (24 new cases/day on the average) as opposed to 184 and 211 new cases the previous two weeks. The total number of cases in Hardwick has increased from 51 to 53 with 16 probable cases. Unfortunately there were 5 additional deaths bringing the County wide total to 195.

January 20 - 4860 January 28 - 5157 February 4 - 5436 February 11 - 5648 February 18 - 5971 February 24 - 6137

For a full listing of dates and locations in Warren County where vaccinations and COVID testing are now available , please visit the link below. Please note that vaccinations are by appointment only. You must live, work or go to school in Warren County to be able to receive a vaccination in Warren County. It is advisable to check the County web page frequently for updated information.

As vaccines become more available, it is still critical to continue to take all necessary precautions to protect ourselves and families . That means avoiding crowds/gatherings, washing hands frequently, using face masks and sanitizers and maintaining social distance. Let's continue to work together to get this virus under control.

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