Mayor's Message - 2018

Spring Valley Road Update January 10, 2019

The water on Spring Valley Road shows no sign of receding at the present time. And because persons unknown (I'm sure not Hardwick residents) have been continuously moving/pushing aside the original barriers installed by the County (meant to keep residents safe during this period), the County has now replaced them with more impassable barriers. We can all agree that the road closing is inconvenient but we're also very lucky that no one has been injured driving on the road, especially at night when the safety barriers have been pushed to the side of the road. On a very serious note, there have been a number of complaints about drivers exceeding the speed limit on Sunset Lake Road in the morning and afternoon timeframes when children are walking to the bus or walking home. This is most serious and disturbing. To those drivers, if the detour adds 10 minutes to your commute, leave 10 minutes earlier. The lives of our children and parents are more important than your being punctual. To all drivers on Sunset Lake Road, please observe the posted speed and watch carefully for parents and children who may be present on the road. Also exercise caution if driving on the section of Spring Valley Road between the intersection of Sunset Lake Road and the municipal building. There is still a large volume of water on the road and it is freezing daily, becoming an ice rink. The temperature this evening and tomorrow morning is expected to be in the teens guaranteeing slick conditions. If you must drive there, be extra careful. The County is still reviewing options (short and long term) to resolve this problem and as soon as a decision is made it will be shared with our residents. But given the amount of water already in Ferlas Pond, the current high water table and forecasted precipitation, it is starting to look like it may be a while before things are back to normal. All parties (the Town and County) are doing everything they can to come up with a viable solution. Kevin, Al and Jim

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