BOA - 2009 - Minutes

Minutes – Hardwick Township Zoning Board of Adjustment February 17, 2009

Designation of Official Newspaper Mr. Hughes made the motion to designate the NJ Herald as the Official Newspaper and the NJ Herald and the Express Times as the newspapers designated to receive notices pursuant to the Open Public Meetings Act. Motion seconded by Ms. Pflugh. In a voice

vote, all were in favor. Approval of Minutes :

The regular meeting minutes of October 21, 2008 were distributed prior to the meeting. Mr. Hughes made the motion to adopt the minutes. Motion seconded by Ms. Pflugh. In a voice vote, all were in favor, except for Mr. Sneed and Mr. Krok, who were not present at the October meeting, and abstained. Executive Session : In a motion made by Ms. Pflugh and seconded by Mr. Hughes the Board went into Executive Session. WHEREAS, Section 8 of the Open Public Meetings Act, Chapter 231, P.L. 1975 permits the exclusion of the public from a meeting in certain circumstances; and WHEREAS, this public body is of the opinion that such circumstances presently exist ; NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Zoning Board of Adjustment of Hardwick Township, Warren County, State of New Jersey, as follows: 1. The public shall be excluded from discussion of and action upon the hereinafter- specified subject matter. 2. The general nature of the subject matter to be discussed is as follows: Litigation. 3. It is anticipated at this time that the above stated subject matter will be made public at the conclusion of each individual specified subject matter. 4. This resolution shall take effect immediately. Date adopted: February 17, 2009 Mr. Hughes made the motion to come out of Executive Session. Motion seconded by Mr. Krok. In a voice vote, all were in favor. Bills : The following vouchers were submitted: Alfia Schemm-Postage 117.09 Robert Burch-Escrow Refund 612.50 Rodman Associates-General-Oct 148.75 Rodman Associates-Little Hill-Half Way 476.00 Rodman Associates-General-May 297.50 Rodman Associates-Little Hill-Hope Hall 595.00 Lyn Aaroe-General 300.00 Lyn Aaroe-Burch-Litigation 4081.25 Ms. Pflugh made the motion to approve the vouchers. Motion seconded by Mr. Hughes. In a voice vote, all were in favor. Other Business :

The Board noted that an annual report needs to be done. Board Attorney Aaroe stated that the Board Secretary did remind him and he will take care of it. Board Secretary Schemm stated that there is an Educational Board Member class being held on March 21, 2009 at SCCC for anyone that is interested and needs to take the class. nofficial Document


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