Agendas - 2019 - Milford


DATE: August 5, 2019 TIME: 7:00PM NOTICE : The Mayor reserves the right to change or revise the order of the agenda as needed. Formal action may or may not be taken. CALL TO ORDER


Craig Metzgar, Amy S. Greene Environmental Consultants, Inc. regarding Hakihokake Creek Tributary Restoration ➢ Letter of Resignation from Councilman George Sniffin ➢ Filling Councilman Sniffin’s Vacancy ➢ Election of Council President to replace Council President Sniffin ➢ Proclamation – George Sniffin ➢ Council’s Approval to have DPW employees cut the Grass at 70 Frenchtown Road UNFINISHED BUSINESS Authorize Donation to Milford Alive LEGAL AFFAIRS REPORT - BOROUGH ATTORNEY BOLIG REPORTS FROM DEPARTMENT COMMISSIONERS SAFETY/ADMINISTRATION Henry Schepens SOLID WASTE/RECYCLING/PLNG. BD. Robert White LIAISON Elisa Yager COMMUNITY AFFAIRS/ Russell Heller WATER/SEWER/ROADS ZONING Robert Castagna ORDINANCES – FIRST READING ORD904-2019 Capital Appropriation – Codification of Ordinances ORDINANCES – SECOND READING/PUBLIC HEARING ORD902-2019 Bond Ordinance – Road Improvements to Green Street ORD903-2019 Bond Ordinance – Water Improvement Projects RESOLUTIONS RE2019-080 Annual Audit Resolution COMMENTS FROM THE PUBLIC IN ATTENDANCE-LIMITED TO 5 MIN. PER PERSON NOTE: When addressing the Council please rise, state your name, address and your comments. DO NOT approach the Council table unless instructed to do so. CLERK’S REPORT – JULY 2019 TREASURER’S REPORT – JUNE 2019 TAX COLLECTOR’S REPORT – JULY 2019 MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETING PRESENTED FOR APPROVAL Regular Meeting Minutes of July 1, 2019 CORRESPONDENCE REGARDING Kingwood Municipal Court Disbursements for month of June 2019 EXECUTIVE SESSION ADJOURNMENT Temp. Closure of Honeysuckle Lane – Extension of Premise Permit for Descendants Brewing RE2019-081 RE2019-082 RE2019-083 RE2019-084 Presentation of Vouchers Raffle License – Lions Club Milford Fireworks GSUWR Use of Borough Property – Social Affairs Permit For Milford Alive RE2019-085 RE2019-086 RE2019-087 Raffle License – Milford Fire Company Raffle License – Milford PTO

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