Agendas - 2013 - Milford


DATE: December 2, 2013

TIME: 7:00PM

MEETING AGENDA NOTICE The Mayor reserves the right to change or revise the order of the agenda as needed. Formal action may or may not be taken. CALL TO ORDER PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE SUNSHINE PROCLAMATION ROLL CALL NEW BUSINESS  Proclamation – Brittany Mazzetta – Volunteer Project regarding the Reflective Address Markers  Alan Turdo – Storm Water Management Presentation  Schedule a date to discuss 2014 budget in January UNFINISHED BUSINESS COMMENTS FROM THE PUBLIC IN ATTENDANCE-LIMITED TO 5 MIN. PER PERSON NOTE: When addressing the Council please rise, state your name, address and your comments. DO

NOT approach the Council table unless instructed to do so. LEGAL AFFAIRS REPORT - BOROUGH ATTORNEY BOLIG REPORTS FROM DEPARTMENT COMMISSIONERS SAFETY/ADMINISTRATION James Gallos BOROUGH MAINTENANCE Andrew Huzar FINANCE Noralie LaFevre COMMUNITY AFFAIRS/ Carole Heller PUBLIC SAFETY RESOLUTIONS RE2013-105 Payment of Vouchers RE2013-106 CLERK’S REPORT November 2013 TREASURER'S REPORT October 2013 MINUTES FROM PREVIOUS MEETING PRESENTED FOR APPROVAL Regular Meeting Minutes of November 18, 2013 CORRESPONDENCE REGARDING NJ DEP Proper Use of Wood Stoves Meals on Wheels Service Electric Cable TV Letter of Support Tariff Changes EXECUTIVE SESSION ADJOURNMENT Refund Tax Payments less than $1.00 Set Date of Reorganization Meeting Bank and Reserve Open Space RE2013-107 RE2013-108 RE2013-109

Scott Metaxas - Structural Easement Agreement

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