Agendas - 2010 - Hardwick

Page 3 January 27, 2010 Motion was made by Mr. Perry to come out of closed session at 9:41PM, second by Mr. Duffy. Motion carried and a voice vote was unanimous. Mr. Lavery noted that he met in closed session with the Committee to discuss 1 item: 1. Knowlton Court, Shared Services 2. TowerCo, Contractual 3. Shared Service, Building Department Mr. Lavery also noted that Mr. Perry excused himself from discussions on Alina Lodge due to a conflict and then Mr. Carrazzone and Mrs. Fisher excused themselves from discussions on the Green Team Grant Writer due to a conflict and at which time, Mr. Lavery took the minutes. No official action was taken at this time. Copies of these minutes will be made available at such time as the Committee determines that there is no harm to the public interest. Mr. Carrazzone commented on the yearly report from the Zoning Officer Mr. Boesze and asked why we don’t get a report like this from the Building Department. Mr. Perry who is their Liaison will see that a report is issued. Being there was no other business to discuss; Mr. Perry moved to adjourn tonight’s meeting at 9:38PM second by Mr. Carrazzone. Motion carried and a voice vote was unanimous. Respectfully submitted, 4. Green Team Grant, Contractual 5. Alina Lodge Update, Contractual 6. Wehrle Property, Contractual

Judith M. Fisher, RMC Township Clerk

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