Agendas - 2010 - Hardwick


January 27, 2010 Work Agenda Meeting

The monthly Work Agenda meeting of the Hardwick Township Committee was held on this date at the Municipal Building, 40 Spring Valley Road, Hardwick Township. This meeting was called to order at 7:02PM by Township Clerk Judith Fisher. Mrs. Fisher noted that this meeting was being held in accordance with the Open Public Meeting Act. Present were Kevin Duffy, Alfred Carrazzone and James Perry; also present Attorney Michael Lavery, Engineer Ted Rodman and CPWM Thomas Campbell Chief Tom Moritz from the Knowlton Township Fire and Rescue, along with his Assistant Chief’s Eric Weber and Joel McAllister were present to talk about becoming the First Responders for the Route 80 corridor section of Hardwick Township. This would be from the 1.5 mile marker to the State Park along Old Mine Road. Mr. Weber presented the Committee with their annual report for 2008 & 2009 showing that in 2008, they responded to 163 calls and for 2009 it was 198. In 2001, a Mutual Aid agreement was done by the Township Committee making Delaware Water Gap Fire Company and Portland Rescue Squad as the primary response agencies for this section. Chief Moritz explained the reasoning behind this request noting that New Jersey’s training is far more extensive then in Pennsylvania. They still want to work together with Portland and Delaware Water Gap keeping them and Knowlton as a duel dispatch. Right now the calls go through PA and the call outs can get confusing. If there are changes made, then the Warren County Communications center would need to be notified. After a brief discussion, the Committee agreed that they would have no problem in changing the 2001 resolution to make Knowlton Township Fire and Rescue as the First Responders. The question now is to check the maps of the area to show the coverage. Chief Moritz has volunteered to talk with DWG Fire Company and Portland on this change when it happens. Mr. Rodman was present to talk with the Committee about the communications he’s had regarding Wastewater Management Plan. There has been an extension to 2011. As for a model Plan, DEP suggested that we might want to look at West Amwell’s plan as they are a similar township to us. Drainage Problem, driveway on Millbrook-Stillwater Road, Mr. Rodman showed the Committee pictures of the area in question. An 8 inch pipe under their driveway was plugged with leaves and debris. It was noted that this pipe was installed by the homeowner and is in the Township right of way. Last week there were heavy rains that washed out his driveway. Question was who is responsible for making repairs. Mr. Lavery noted that it is the responsibility of the homeowner. Mr. Campbell informed that Committee that to help the homeowner get back into their home, he put quarry process (QP) in the ditch and that they were told that the Township takes no responsibility. Millbrook-Stillwater Road there is a private lane that comes off of a flag lot that is discharging water onto this township roadway. There was a brief discussion with the Committee. It was suggested that Mr. Rodman and Mr. Campbell review this area for suggestions. River View Drive, Mr. Snead’s driveway and again another water problem. Mr. Rodman took pictures of the area for the Committee to review. There is a pipe near the roadway which is dispersing the water onto the roadway causing icy conditions. The Committee asked that Mr. Rodman get all the necessary information to the Attorney who will then send the homeowners a letter. Birch Ridge Road, the homeowner did his driveway in pavers which are now causing a water condition on the road. The Committee suggested that Mr. Rodman and Mr. Campbell contact the homeowner to discuss this problem and a solution. Mr. Dunn, EMC was present and reported that he attended a table top exercise at Yards Creek in December and another training program in Frelinghuysen Township the same month. He thanked Knowlton Fire and Rescue for coming and talking with the Committee about the situation of First Responder. Mr. Dunn recommends that the Township consider changing the existing resolution.

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